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MD1 Elections and Appointments for 2020-2021 Lion Year
MD1 Elections and Appointments for 2020-2021 Lion Year
Elections were held Saturday May 16th using the Election Runner web-based election tool and GoToMeeting for the incoming council of Governors on-line meeting. The election results were tallied by the current Council Chair and Parliamentarian as required. The elected officers are as follows:
Council Chair Joe Vinyard
Vice Council Chair John Barsanti
Council Secretary Debra Greaney
Council Treasurer Bill Wallpe
Council Chaplain Derek Eurales
Council Tail Twister Sue Wolf
In addition, the following appointments were made by the incoming council.
Parliamentarian Steve Anton, PCC
GMT Barb Stewart, PDG
GLT Jama Wahl
GST Carla Haga
Campaign and Liaison Bud Wahl, PID
State Magazine Austin D’Souza, PDG
State Convention Terri Pasternik
Lions Eye Health Bob Jilke, PDG
Information Technology Tom Drez
I hope you will all join me in congratulating the 2020-2021 MD-1 Officers and Leaders for the next Lions Year.
CC Jerome